Mathematics Education

It is fun and doable to the extent that, it is done so easily without stressing the human mind in everyday activities like counting, travelling

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Educational Technology

In an era where almost every aspect of human endeavor is automated, it is wise to say, the computer revolution must also take center stage in education.

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VMG concept of entrepreneurship is not modeled on the commonly used word rather it is meant to offer skills and knowledge in starting one’s own entrepreneurship

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Volunteers Program

Your support matters. Your time matters. Donors and volunteers are keys that help our students open the door to optimizing

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If you are an undergraduate, graduate or professional student or a recent graduate with your own strong interest in crucial educational

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Optimize Competence... Gain Confidence!

Vedic Math Ghana is on a mission to develop and promote competence and confidence in mathematics and mathematics education through supporting teachers and students to ensure fair mathematics learning, educational entrepreneurship and technology of the ultimate quality through vision, leadership, professional development and research.

Welcome to Vedic Math Ghana

VEDIC MATH GHANA is a mathematics and mathematics education Consulting, Training, Research and Tutoring firm providing competence and confidence to skill up and improve performance through Vedic, Computer and Activity Based mathematics systems.

Vedic Math Ghana since is formation in October 2010, has held presentations at conferences and schools to offer alternative to the challenges in teaching and learning mathematics.

Vedic Math Ghana is the nation's premier institution in advancing the world's most fastest and accurate mathematics system through a combined mathematics, research, entrepreneurship and technology. As a leader in vedic mathematics in Ghana, VMG offers start up training, refresher training, after-school math and technology enrichment program as well as supplemental and complimentary services to schools, teachers, parents, students, including professionals who use significant mathematics in their tasks.


Dr. Godwin Quashigah, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
GQ Financials

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Michael K. DaCosta
Attorney & Snr Partner/CEO
(daCostas Consult LLC/ARJ Group Inc)

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Dela Gadzanku
Chief Executive Officer
Ipalco Ghana Ltd

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Kenneth Kpodo
Intellekt Ghana

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